How many people in the internet based business industry started their business with a business plan? As you thought, the fact is not many. Online business is a real business, it can give the business owner a real money as offline business does. If people put a business plan in the top of their list before to start an offline business why they rarely put it in the top list before to start an online business? One of the logic reasons is because they never consider seriously that online business is a real business for them.

You do not need to create a fancy business plan, all you need to do is to prepare a simple business plan before you start your online business. The plan will significantly increase your success probability simply because it can keep your step effective, efficient and productive.

There are few items you will need to put into a simple business plan. The most important objective of your plan shall be to make the business grow as fast as possible. This is eventually mean your invested money grow as expected or even more.

1. Choose the Business Type

There are a lot of online business type on the internet, you can choose one that most suitable for you. Some expert in online business industry recommends affiliate marketing some others recommends pay per click ads as a good start for those who are newbie in this business. Is there any business that required very minimum skill and at no cost? Yes there is, one thing you need to do is go to search engine and find it out.

2. Put the Business Target

After you decided to choose one business type, you need to put your target. You can start with a monthly earning target for your business. There is no correct or wrong when you put an earning target. You could put $100 per month, $500 per month or even $5000 per month it is totally up to you. Of course if you are a completely beginner, you should not put too high target for you business. If you do, you would be most likely loose your motivation or stress full because your target is not achievable. Stick with $100 to $500 per month as your target is a good start.

3. Plan the Actions

Now your business has already a little bit of shape, it is time for you to think more on your actions plan. The result of this will become your lists of activities day by day in your journey as a business online owner in order to bring your target into reality.

4. Plan the Budgets

Some of your actions will require you to spend some money on it. Decide how much money you will spend on your online business. And then break the money allocation down based on your actions plan. You may need some amount of money to buy a product, pay for domain or hosting and some more for marketing. The good advice for this is to allocate your available budget so that you can make your first online business roll in. Do not buy two products if you do not have remaining money to market your product or to pay a domain. Buying only one product is better than two if you have remaining money to pay for domain and hosting, pay for marketing campaign and for others things that make your business run.

Now, everything you need for your online business is on the paper. It looks nice, but the most important thing after is to execute whatever you have write down in your business plan. Do not make too many changes until you try it long enough. You might want to revise your plan or found some new idea on the way. The good practice is to periodically evaluate your business plan and put the changes if necessary only at that time.

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