There would be a time when you needed cash immediately, and you probably wondered where you could get it. Due to the pandemic hit, a lot of the people are facing a financial crisis, maybe because they have a fixed income and find it hard to spend extra on miscellaneous expenses. However, the loan is the right option that can help people in different situations like a sudden breakdown of a vehicle, or need money to buy essential things. Such problems can take place anytime to anyone. This is the reason people prefer to go for short-term loans. One can look up to short-term loan providers and easily pay rent or deal with various financial factors.

Finding a good short-term loan platform can be tough as you may find multiple lenders available, but our research and editorial team did thorough research and found a perfect option–MoneyMutual Today.

Name MoneyMutual
Based In Las Vegas
Services Offered
  • Payday Loans
  • Installment Loan
  • Cash Advances
  • Bad Credit loans
  • Founded In 2010 Year
    Available Lenders 60 + available lenders
    Loan Range $200 to $5000

    What is MoneyMutual?

    MoneyMutual is a company that will allow both lenders and borrowers to find each other and will offer them the possibility of finding an appropriate short-term loan. It is a free online resource that provides an online marketplace where potential lenders and borrowers can come together.

    So, this company acts like a middleman who provides you with loans in a quick and easy way. They are known for providing quick loans in a hassle-free manner. To get a loan, you have to visit their website and fill out the required forms.

    Usually, it is hard to get loans instantly. Instead, MoneyMutual sends all your information to different short-term lenders, one by one. Whoever lends you a short-term loan, will make a decision on your application and decide to approve it or not.

    This is a much easier approach for a loan approval process because if you need to apply for more than 60 different lenders one by one, you will lose a lot of time. Plus, you will get the best offer available with almost no effort.

    Apart from that, people with bad credit scores can benefit from this company the most. If they are not able to pay their credits on time, or other factors that impact their credit report are welcome to use MoneyMutual’s services. As the short term loan providers don’t report to three big credit bureaus to approve the loan, since the short term loans don’t make an item on the credit report.

    This company has existed for more than 10 years now, and it became very popular pretty quickly. In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, demand for services like MoneyMutual soared. They’ve become a great company because they are part of an organization called Online Lenders Alliance.

    This alliance is not for everyone. It requires both borrowers and loan lenders to adhere to certain standards and loan terms, so it’s important to make sure you are doing the right thing by both the lenders and borrowers.

    MoneyMutual is offering trustworthy and quick services. It’s helped over 2,000,000 customers. By offering loans in as little as 24 hours, users are very happy with both the speed and ease of receiving a loan offer. On the one hand, this payday loan company has the best customer support. On the other hand, the company gives you an opportunity to connect with a financial consultant and loan officers to get a rich money scheme or the best information about the loan.

    About the Company


    MoneyMutual is the leading lending organization in their field. They’ve been around since 2010 and became popular quickly. The company is based in Las Vegas, NV. During the last decade, people have needed them more than ever. Because of the pandemic, they knew there would be an economic crisis. However, they also saw that people needed their services even more. They’re providing everyone with righteous services that you know will be trustworthy.

    The company has helped many customers in just a few years. They provide loans quickly and at an easy rate, unlike many payday loan companies so users love them!

    How Does MoneyMutual Work?

    As we mentioned before, this company is a middleman or an intermediary to the loans. So, the request that you make to them, is sent to other payday lenders to process it and potentially send you loan offers.

    This loan is not a free service because the lending companies are required to charge a fee to cover their expenses. Technically, you’re not paying the lender, but indirectly to the lending company.

    This type of loan application is made easy and convenient by the fact that you do not have to go anywhere, you just need to fill out a simple online form that requires no credit check. After filling out the form, you are automatically routed to a list of all the available short-term lenders, and one of them will be selected and contacted by you to set up the approval process. To start with the process, you must have a valid checking account

    When applying for a mortgage loan, there are a few requirements that you need to meet. We are going to discuss those requirements in this MoneyMutual review in the next section. Before fully committing to applying for a loan from this company, you should first consider reading their terms and conditions carefully.

    If you don’t want to be bound by the terms of the agreement, you won’t be able to apply for a standard payday loan.

    MoneyMutual – Services

    Here we are going to discuss the various services that are offered by MoneyMutual.

    Payday loans

    Payday loans may seem like a good idea, but they can be dangerous. You have to repay them when your next paycheck comes in. This means that you’ll have to pay back what you borrowed with interest so that your credit is damaged if you borrow too often.

    Paying late fees to these guys is like paying your credit card company late fees, but they’re just waiting around, ready-set goes, for when you’re ready to pay them. That way, you can get a great deal on one of their loans without incurring the APR and all those pesky loan fees!

    This type of loan might be cheaper when it comes to the interest rate than if you allow the bill to accrue a late fee or another loan rack up interest

    Payday loans can be expensive because they’re short-term. You’ll be paying hundreds of dollars in interest payments over a period of months.

    Installment loans

    Installment loans are similar to payday loans, except you must pay them in installments instead of all at once. With these types of loans, the interest rates are usually lower than what people expect them to be. You’ll need to discipline yourself to pay your installments on time or else fees may increase.

    Buying a new car shouldn’t be scary. It doesn’t need to be long-term. You can get an installment loan that lasts anywhere from three months to a year.

    However, be careful when agreeing to an installment loan – some of the loan’s terminology may essentially guarantee that you have to make some interest payments based on the loan repayment dates.

    Bad credit loans

    People with poor credit scores can get this service from MoneyMutual. The funds are easy to obtain because multiple lenders don’t just look at your credit report when deciding whether the loan is worth it.

    Your income proof and any financial information, such as previous loan histories or debt, will also be examined by the lender. If your finances are in order, you can borrow money to buy something important, fix your car, or settle the late fees you would otherwise incur.

    MoneyMutual is one of the best platforms for connecting people with bad credit loan lenders. Recent years have seen bad credit loans become increasingly popular, which has enabled this network to assist a large number of people in need of financial assistance.

    Cash advances

    You don’t need to get approval for cash advances. Cash advances are another way to borrow money, even if you have a credit card or debit card with a great credit limit. They work by association with payday loans and can be linked from your bank account so that extra funds are available when needed most without going through all the hassle of getting approval first!

    One option when your credit card bills are overdue is to apply for a personal loan, and there are several lenders out there who offer cash advances and are willing to consider a borrower’s credit history as long as it’s in the right ballpark. These lenders can be quite expensive in comparison to other loan options, but the alternative could be being unable to pay your bills at all.

    Payday loans and cash advances typically have terms of 2-4 weeks, installment loans typically last one month to six months, though some may last up to a year, and bad credit loans usually last from a few months up to a year.

    Payday loans and cash advances have the highest interest rates compared to installment loans and bad credit loans. According to MoneyMutual, the average rate for their lender’s bad credit and payday loans hover between 200% and 1300%.

    What’s the Difference Between Payday and Installment Loans?

    Payday loans usually have a very short term, so you should avoid them. Payday lending is designed for quick cash advance needs, and they often charge higher fees to ensure that borrowers will repay their loans as soon as possible.

    Installment loans are a good choice because they usually have much more flexible repayment terms, are generally a bit cheaper, and often have fewer restrictions. We advise opting for installment loans, over payday loans.

    MoneyMutuals’ Loan Approval Process

    The loan application process of MoneyMutual is pretty straightforward. Just fill out the application form and provide the basic information required.

    The easiest way to get started is to fill out the contact form on the website. As soon as you click “Submit” you’ll be able to see a list of the lenders that will be available.

    Here’s the info you’ll need when applying for a loan:

    • Your driver’s license number,
    • Social security number, and
    • Date of birth;

    Finally, you’ll have to provide your bank info with a complete bank routing number and account number so that your funds can be immediately deposited after you accept a loan offer.

    With the help of MoneyMutual, you can get connected with a trusted lender in just a few minutes. MoneyMutual checks your info to see if you’re a suitable candidate for one of their loan offerings.

    While the server’s capacity and the availability of creditors determine how long it takes to get a loan approved, you may have to wait for a couple of hours or days before getting an offer. MoneyMutual doesn’t offer predatory loans.

    Eligibility Criteria

    It is important to understand that certain criteria must be met for you to receive a loan from MoneyMutual. Yet – this cannot become the only rule lenders follow, since they also have requirements specific to their service!

    If you check off all the boxes on then chances are you will receive offers because you need to meet the requirements necessary for every company to issue an offer.

    To apply for any loan, you need to prove that your source of income is legitimate and your bank account has a good standing. Also, the lender requires a minimum balance of $1,000 in the bank so the funds can be transferred from the lender’s bank to your bank.

    You need at least $800 in monthly income to apply for a loan. No matter what kinds of financial resources you have (a regular job, pension plan, or social security checks), they must be stated to qualify.

    Getting a loan from MoneyMutual starts with you providing all the information necessary. It includes your social security number, any past due balances owed outside our company, and anything else we might need to fully understand how much risk is involved when offering this type of financial service.

    Reasons to Choose MoneyMutual as an Online Loan Platform?

    MoneyMutual is a great service for people looking for quick cash loans. They connect people with many different lenders who offer loans, making it easy and convenient.

    It would be impossible to send a request to 60 different companies individually. However, using their services makes this process simple and manageable. One company will handle the work for you.

    Easy to Use

    MoneyMutual makes it easier than ever to get approved for payday loans or bad credit loans. The company compares different lenders and finds the most suitable one. MoneyMutual compares loans offered by companies with your specific circumstances using a single form. Then you can decide which loan is right for you.

    Free of Charge

    The biggest benefit of MoneyMutual is there is no additional cost, which makes it an incredible feature for people who find it hard to spend money.


    Through an easy-to-use website, the loan approval process takes only a few minutes. It is safe and secure to use the entire website. The security of both your personal information and your bank account is guaranteed.

    How Much Can You Borrow With MoneyMutual?

    You can borrow as much as $5,000 from online lenders through MoneyMutual. It’s limited by state regulations, however, which vary from state to state. Before applying for a loan with MoneyMutual, you should check the state laws.

    It’s really up to you to decide which lender will give you the best deal. Once you have your list of lenders you can go to each one and ask for the lowest interest rate they have to offer. Or you can use the free loan finder service to compare several payday lenders at once.

    There are many reasons why lenders don’t offer the highest amounts possible, but regardless of what they give you, you should keep your payments low enough to cover your costs so you’ll appreciate your decision when you see how much you pay for your monthly expenses compared to how much you could have saved if you just applied for a higher-amounted loan.

    When will you get the funds in your Bank Account?

    The money will be deposited to your bank account on the same day if it’s approved. Most of the time the funds are sent directly to your bank account within 24 hours of approval.

    However, there could be exceptions and unpredictabilities which says you may need to wait for a few days before the money is transferred into your account.

    Fees And Costs Posed By The Creditors

    MoneyMutual service has no fee. Many people seeking a loan can’t afford to pay any additional fees, so MoneyMutual offers its service completely free of charge for borrowers.

    This method allows you to quickly apply for a loan on its platform as a way to explore your opportunities without having to accept any offer or pay a fee for applying.

    It is a free service for its borrowers, who pay only a small fee to MoneyMutual for connecting with lenders. Also, MoneyMutual gets a small fee from lenders who connect to them through MoneyMutual.

    As long as you don’t borrow more than you can afford to repay, you should be fine. But before you sign up for a new loan, make sure you review your budget and plan accordingly.

    Advantages Of MoneyMutuals’ Services

    You may not know it, but MoneyMutual offers some of the most beneficial features that will help you find the money you need to finance your needs.

    The application is available at a click of a button and is structured to ask for the least amount of information that you need to complete it. Another advantage of this app is the wide range of lending partners and services it collaborates with.

    By doing this, you can guarantee higher chances of getting matched with a lender while saving yourself a lot of time contacting individual lenders. The educational resources are a great perk of MoneyMutual, as they will supply you with all the insights you need before applying for a loan.

    Before you apply for a loan, it’s important to understand how much money you’re looking to borrow, as well as your credit score, your repayment capacity, your salary, and your overall financial situation by connecting you with a certified financial advisor.

    There is also a wealth of helpful information, with a focus on how to be more reasonable about your finances and avoid future problems within your control.

    Drawbacks of MoneyMutual

    MoneyMutual is known to be one of the most competitive and affordable lending services, but we feel that it could make things better for its users if it offered the ability to compare different loan offers together on a single page. It would be a great service for the user.

    This is something we wish the company would implement. It would save people a lot of time and complex calculations, so it may be something the company should consider.

    It’s important for us to determine a maximum annual percentage rate. Many other services allow creditors to charge whatever they want, so we think it’s time to lead the industry by setting a limit and letting other services follow suit.

    MoneyMutual Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

    It is easy to find multiple positive MoneyMutual reviews on the company’s official website. People Like MoneyMutual because of the transparent rate and lending system, which makes it easy to see each lender’s best offer. They use MoneyMutual after seeing the commercials on TV, and have found that MoneyMutual lives up to its claims of providing loans for people in need.

    Some customers even praise the customer service department at MoneyMutual. That’s an uncommon situation at most payday loan companies, and some lenders charge fees and interest that can shock unsuspecting customers.


    Is MoneyMutual a secure platform?

    MoneyMutual is a safe online lender connecting platform. Their lender comes from across the U.S. in order to find you a perfect loan that fits your requirements. They use 256-bit encryption in order to keep your information safe.

    Can I request a loan if I have a bad credit score?

    There are some loans that will approve even if your score is below 680 (low-income borrowers) and other loans that only approve when your credit score is above 780 (high-income borrowers).

    You can find the right credit card for your needs and the terms of your application are flexible to a certain degree, but there are limitations to your ability to apply for different types of loans.

    MoneyMutual Summary

    The findings of a recent study on the economic well-being of American households in 2017 paint a black picture. More than four out of ten Americans can’t even afford $400 in case they need it to survive during tough times. This means many will use their savings or end up living paycheck by paycheck because there isn’t enough leftover at the end of each month to pay their bills as usual without any unexpected extra cash flow showing up every now and then.

    If you’re looking for a low-cost, no-hassle way to get your hands on a home or personal loan, then MoneyMutual may be just what you’re after. This is a personal loan comparison site that will guide you through the process and explain all the benefits.

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