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WordPress is a popular solution for web domain and hosting service requirements. However, managing your website can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with low technical resources. 

This is where a WordPress host extends full support to help properly manage and maintain your website on WordPress.

One of the biggest nightmares for any WordPress user is the opening statement: there has been a critical error on this website on WordPress.

WordPress critical error list includes complete or partial shutdown of the website, resulting in loss of operational efficiency. 

This blog will dive deeper into different ways to troubleshoot critical errors in WordPress for uninterrupted and effective website performance.

Top Ways To Troubleshoot Critical Errors In WordPress

Any critical error in WordPress can be resolved using technical expertise and manual efforts to modify certain elements on the WordPress dashboard.

Let us look at the common ones that can help with your WordPress critical error issue below.

  • Run Website Debugging

One of the first steps to analysing and identifying the potential reasons behind the critical error in WordPress is by enabling website debugging.

Website debugging means allowing the server to self-evaluate and recognise all potential errors and maintain a log for them separately on the server for further evaluation and resolution.

This step requires technical expertise as coding is involved. However, this greatly reduces the chances of critical errors arising in the future. It is known for fixing 404 errors in WordPress, along with others.

  • Re-Storing Server Backup

At times, on a manual level, identifying the potential errors immediately might not be feasible. Therefore, this is more of a quick recovery solution than troubleshooting critical WordPress errors.

Restoring an old backup from when the site was working can guarantee getting the website up and running again. Moreover, it helps identify potential issues causing the error, especially if the new updates after the last backup are limited.

  • Assessing Error Logs

Error logs for the detailed diary entries to monitor the past and current errors on the website. With the help of proper and detailed assessment of error logs, it is easier for users to determine the root cause of the error.

Moreover, the date and time stamp available with error logs further assist in recognising the latest, reckoning, or previous errors.

  • Checking for Theme-Related Issues

Constantly changing themes or adding new plugins can be another root cause of critical errors in WordPress. However, an effective way to recognise and troubleshoot these issues is available.

To identify the theme issue, change your active theme to the default theme and check whether the website is back. If it is back, that indicates a theme issue, and to resolve it, you can choose another theme or a previously updated version of the currently active theme.

  • Checking For Plugin Related Issues

A website on WordPress can be customised with multiple plugins based on requirements. However, disabling all the available plugins is necessary to troubleshoot critical WordPress errors.

To do so, access all the plugins from the dashboard. Once there, select the “all” option and click on “deactivate” to proceed. Upon complete deactivation, individually enable one plugin at a time to see if either is the root cause.

  • Evaluating The PHP Version

All the different features on WordPress require specific resources from PHP. Therefore, evaluating the existing PHP version of your website is crucial to reduce the possibility of critical errors in WordPress.

Any PHP version lower than 7.4 is almost outdated. This can cause serious gaps in the integrated themes and plugins, causing website downtime. If your PHP version is lower than 7.4, immediately update to avoid critical WordPress errors.

Final Thoughts

The importance of an active website is very high. By trusting WordPress for your website development, understanding the common reasons and using the manual and technical expertise to avoid the same is highly important.

All the ways mentioned above can significantly reduce the potential of critical and WordPress. Remember to always take a backup before implementing any of these troubleshooting solutions.