“Find what you’re passionate about and write about what you know.” When you’re looking for a niche to start a blog in, this is great help that professionals will give you. But it’s not enough. Doing study is the key to making a blog niche that makes money.  

When starting out, picking the right niche and a reliable shared hosting provider is the most important, but often overlooked, step in making a blog. If you choose a topic with too much competition, high authority websites will beat your blog. If you choose a narrow topic where there is no market, not many people will visit your site. You need to find a niche in the middle that is also easy to make money from.  

1. Choose a topic you love talking about 

It’s a lot of fun to start your own blog. Buying domain names, setting up a website, making changes to the design, and writing your first piece are all exciting things to do. But because most people lose interest in writing after a few months, that’s when most people stop. So, it’s important that you choose a topic for your blog that you’re interested in learning about and talking about.  

It could be about your job, your hobby, or the brand-new RV that you just bought. You don’t have to know everything about the subject. Simply put, it should be something you’re excited to talk about.  

How do you choose a blog topic that people will be interested in? Here’s a short test that will help you figure that out. Get a pen and some paper. Just off the top of your head, think of 10 things you could write about on your blog. This task should show how much you care about the subject you picked.  

2. Do a study of the market 

The next step is to make sure that there is a large and viable market for your problem. You can do this with a quick study of the market. Here’s how to start.  

Consider that rock climbing is one of your best things to do, and you want to start a blog about it. You should now find out how many people are interested in this topic and how much competition there is.  

Start the search with Google Trends. Type “rock climbing” to find out if this topic is interesting and how many people are looking for it.  

This step is very important because the graph it makes will show you if interest in your topic is steadily going up, down, or staying the same over time. If you want your blog to be great for a long time, don’t write about things that are becoming less popular.  

As you can see, rock climbing is an interesting subject for a blog. Over the past five years, people’s interest in this topic has stayed the same and has recently started to grow.  

3. Choose a smaller market  

Let’s see how much trouble you might have with your topic. Check to see how many results Google gives you when you look for your topic.  

Too many websites are competing for the term “rock climbing,” and it seems like a big topic to go after. If you don’t want to have to fight with big sites with a lot of authority, you should choose a smaller niche. If you scroll all the way down on the Google search results page, you can see some of the other related search terms. Choose a search term and run a test to see how many people use it every month.  

Go to the AdWords Keyword Planner page to look at the search term.  


As soon as you find the right blog area for you, you can start making great content that sets you apart from the competition. Keep a schedule for your writing and stick to it. It will take some time before a lot of people start coming to your site and buying your goods. So, you should wait. In the end, you’ll be able to see what you’ve done.