CV and Cover Letter

Most of the time, a job application file consists of a curriculum vitae and a cover letter. It means that both are important. But the question that candidates often ask is which one the recruiter looks at first? Which of the two will make the difference? Is one more important than the other? Here are the answers.

The Curriculum Vitae First

Recruiters first look at the CV and Cover Letter because it represents the candidate’s business card and allows them to enhance their dynamism. They read the cover letter just afterwards. It is mainly based on the professional profile that they select a potential employee. During the interview, they choose the questions according to what is mentioned on the resume. It means that you have to create an impactful CV. Start choosing the most adequate CV template on and fine-tune the content. The document must be clear, synthetic and reasoned.

Many job applicants make the mistake of building CV and Cover Letter which lack clarity and simplicity. A resume must fit on only one page and must absolutely be adapted to the position sought. There is no point in being exhaustive if the experience does not correspond in any way to the vacancy. Headhunters like to see that the candidate has thought about what they specifically wanted. Furthermore, it is important to date the professional experience and make a short and precise job description. Do not forget the contact details and avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.

The Cover Letter to Stand from the Others

Even if you create a very unique CV and Cover Letter, it is your cover that will make you really stand out from the crowd. Candidates who apply for a job may have similar profiles. You can better differentiate yourself with the cover letter. Good cover letters can even compensate CVs with little evocative content and immediately make the recruiter want to meet the person thanks to the tone and the turns of phrase used.

The most important thing is to write a spontaneous content. It cannot be a simple repetition of what is in the CV and Cover Letter. It must bring added value by explaining your real motivation to integrate the company. The best thing to do is to write it yourself! Copy and paste straight from the internet arouses little interest among recruiters. Know that the cover letter allows young graduates and candidates with little professional experience to boost their profile and let their enthusiasm and motivation win the day.